Ethanol 200% – 100% Ethyl alcohol

– Use with caution. Keep away from children. –

Ethanol is described as a colorless liquid which can be soluble in water. Excellent for cleaning hydroponic equipment, tools, materials and grow areas. Can be used to make alcoholic beverages. Ethyl Alcohol can also be safely used as a solvent for different products such as culinary extracts, essential oils, tinctures, and concentrates. Ethanol is often used as a final wash when making BHO and CO2 extractions. Used as a food additive, ethanol can help evenly distribute food coloring, as well as enhance the flavor of food extracts.

  • Used in labs, schools or clinics.
  • Ethanol is also used to preserve specimens or clean computer parts.
  • Molecular Formula: C2H6O
  • CAS Number 64-17-5